At Ashton Creek Oral Surgery Suites, we have transformed the dental surgery experience. Our innovative and exclusive “suite concept” enables us to provide your care in a relaxed, stress-free, home-like setting. Your private “suite” completely isolates you from the intimidating sights and sounds commonly associated with the dental operatory.

Upon arrival at Ashton Creek Oral Surgery, you will be welcomed and greeted in the manner and fashion of a fine hotel. Your initial meeting and evaluation with your treatment coordinator and Dr. Mastin or Dr. Patterson will occur in our comfortable conference room that resembles your home den or study.

Following a thorough discussion of your diagnosis and treatment you will be introduced to your private “suite”. Here you will be seated in a quiet, well appointed sitting room. After receiving a light twilight sedative, you will be transported to a state of the art dental operatory where your treatment will be completed while you sleep. Upon completion of your care, you will return to your “suite” where you will comfortably awaken in the presence of family or friends having no recall of your surgical procedure.