Gum Grafting

Gingival, connective tissue, or “gum” grafting, as it is sometimes referred to, is a very common and useful procedure for correcting cosmetic and dental health concerns which are caused by receding gums. Gum recession may occur as a result of aging, overly aggressive tooth brushing, orthodontic treatment, periodontal disease, or dental malocclusion. Regardless of the cause, receding gums result in excessive exposure of the roots of teeth. This unnatural exposure of root surfaces causes an increase in dental sensitivity, weakening of tooth support, and esthetic compromise.

Problems associated with gum recession can usually be corrected by gum grafting procedures. Gum grafting can be performed using natural tissue which is taken from the roof of the mouth or by utilizing human tissue which has been processed and preserved for future use. Gingival grafting procedures are painlessly performed under a twilight anesthetic. New techniques for obtaining donor tissue from the palate result in minimal post operative discomfort and a much more rapid healing than was previously possible. Complete recovery generally occurs within 7-10 days following the procedure.

Gingival and connective tissue grafting can lengthen the life expectancy of the natural dentition and provide marked cosmetic improvement of your smile.

gum graft beforegum graft after